RubberDoc version 0.9.6 Keeps your Docs in Order!

Aug 25th Update: we have just resolved 2 bugs regarding the doc reordering in the Administration back-end. We aren’t going to release a new version for only 2 bug fixes, so if you have downloaded the version 0.9.6 prior to this date, please download and install the extension again, or simply update the source code files for the administration back-end.

RubberDoc Version 0.9.6 has just been released!

Now RubberDoc can not only keep your Docs in a row, it can keep them in Order too! We have implemented ordering for the categories and category pages. You can even assign ordering from the edit RubberDoc Plugin.

This was a one day update, based on some requests from our Client SPARC BC and some of the recommendations that all of you have provided.

We apologize for not being as responsive lately in answering your comments posted here. We’ve head an early Fall client rush and we have to deliver all of those contracts that we sign. If you have any immediate enquiries that requires enhancements to the RubberDoc, you can always hire us. In the mean time we do our best to respond to your questions here on our blog.

This project has been first inspired by our client Social Planning & Research Council of British Columbia (SPARC BC) you can see RubberDoc being used to manage more than 140 documents on their website. We have just launched their Joomla powered website few days ago.


+ Document ordering has been implemented
+ Download Link ordering within the articles has been implemented

Please Feel free to improve the code

The source code is released under the GPL license, so feel free to read through it and improve it if you liked and in that case please give us a copy too. You will get credit for your contribution on the “About” section of the component.


RubberDoc is a collaborative project done by:

If you find this extension useful, we would really appreciate it if you leave positive ratings and reviews here on this page

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124 thoughts on “RubberDoc version 0.9.6 Keeps your Docs in Order!”

  1. I haven’t played with RubberDoc for awhile – been trying to get the rest of the site out of the chute. What I’ve played with so far though works great. Can’t wait to try the document ordering.

    One question/feature request: I’m sure you can’t do it now, and there’s a good chance that it can be done, but it would be nice to select a folder/directory and upload the entire structure. Any chance this can be added?

  2. Hi,

    I am getting the following error on the homepage after installing rubberdoc:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in ……/www/plugins/content/rubberdoc.php on line 4

    Can someone tell me ehat is wrong ?

  3. Excuses me it is on line 42, not 4:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in …/www/plugins/content/rubberdoc.php on line 42

  4. @Time – Thank you so much, that is a very nice feature that you’ve mentioned. Perhaps it requires nested categories to be implemented first and then we could think about something like that.

    @Johan – Maybe because you are using PHP4. RubberDoc requires PHP5.

  5. Is it possible to reset the number of time a file has been downloaded? And a Joomfish 2.0 integration would be fantastic. By the way, a great Joomla extension. Thanks a lot.

  6. Server: Apache/1.3.34 Ben-SSL/1.55
    PHP: 4.4.9
    MySQL Version: MySQL 5.0
    Joomla! 1.5.6 Production/Stable [ Vusani ] 12-August-2008 22:00 GMT
    Hosting: Shared host – 1&1 Web Hosting
    Editor: JCE 1.5.0 Stable
    RubberDoc: 0.9.6 Beta

    I am receiving the following error when saving/applying changes to an article:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /homepages/34/d251607813/htdocs/plugins/content/rubberdoc.php on line 42

    This only happens when creating/editing articles. This does not happen when creating sections/categories/etc. I believe it relates to the plugin, as the error ceases when I disable content_RubberDoc

  7. Hi guys!
    just recently installed your app, I have to say that I was searching for weeks for that one! you gave me exactly what was needed! thanks!

    the installation worked fine and everything seemed to work flawlessly until I found that – the downloading doesn’t work through the list of categories. that is, it works fine through the articles, no problems… but it just doesn’t – directly through the list of file…
    it gives me the well known 500 err, in this case:

    500 – Visualizzazione non trovata [nome, tipo, prefisso]: doc,html,rubberdocView

    what can I do??

    thanks a lot!


  8. RubberDoc is amazing! Way better than the current document managers out there.

    I have a suggestion. It would be great to have a plugin that would just allow you to generate a list of links to documents inside a folder in any content item or module.

    So if I had a folder /stories/mydocs/folderA, containing:
    doc1.doc, doc2.doc,doc3.doc, doc4.pdf.

    I could use a plugin in my article to display a list of the files in the folderA directory.

    {someBot = /mydocs/folderA }

    Then in my content page the links would appear like this:


    Be great to see the added as a plugin to this killer component!

  9. I have notice a number of comments about this or similar errors:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /homepages/34/d251607813/htdocs/plugins/content/rubberdoc.php on line 42

    But cannot find any answers to the issue.
    I have installed the program and got the same error.
    I’ve since uninstalled the component.

    I like the look and feel of the componenet but don’t want to take a chance in messing up my website.

    Klaus Iden

  10. Hi Guys,

    I must say great work its an excellent component and has much potential.

    One problem that we have come across is when you have the default sef enabled in J!1.5 the download doesn’t work.

    Any thoughts?



  11. Thanks for your prompt reply Rastin.
    No it’s PHP Version 4.4.8
    I have no control over the PHP version that is installed on this web host provider (

    Does that mean your component will not work on my site?

    Klaus Iden

  12. we ae having a problem with the download of docs: the saving works fine, but as we expect our users to also wanting to VIEW (ie OPEN) the PDFs we are putting online, this option currently does not work. We are getting this error: ‘There was an error with this documetn. The file cannot be found.’ in Internet Explorer v6.0.2900.2180.

    We cannot change the browser version as this is for a corporate audience and the softwre on our colleagues workstations is set by our IT department.

    Is this a know bug in rubberdoc, or a misconfiguration on our side? It does work fine in other browsers.


    Nik C

  13. Also, another thing I reaslised is taht I have set the maximum filesize for uploads to 100M on our server, however the ‘Multiple File Upload’ page shows this limit to be 10M. Is there a separate limit placed by rubberdoc and how can I remove it as we do have files in the 60/70/80MB order that need to be uploaded?

    Nik C

  14. Hi,

    I discovered that when using rubberdocs with Internet Explorer v6, documents can be downloaded fine, but not OPENed and viewed online. The document seems to download and when the respective application (e.g. PDF or Excel) then opens this cannot find the document.

    Just wondering if this is an issue that is known and worked on or do we just accept this for the moment, or are we doing something wrong in the set up? It is vital for me to know as I need to deploy the site with another document management solution if we can’t get this to work.

    Thank you very much.


  15. hi,you know that thank you very much…
    but ,I hava a problem use this component…
    when my filesize >20M ,I download it ,it is an empty file..
    filesize<20M,that’s ok,can you give me a some suggestions?

  16. Dear support,
    I’m having this problem on the “manage documents” page:

    Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /web/htdocs/ on line 342

    Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /web/htdocs/ on line 342

    I have php5 installed and I guess mysql 4…I try to upload files single and multiple, but it doesn’t upload them, the rubberdoc folder for uploads is chmod 777 so I think is ok…

    so where the error is then??

    thank you very much for your help

  17. Component Install: Another Component is already using directory: “\nas-001\winspace003\\blablamysite\components\com_rubberdoc

    How is possible to always have this message when installing Rubberdoc on Joomla 1.5.0 with Php 5 ??

  18. I am having the same issue as Nik C. has anyone found a solution? Looks like rubberdoc renames the files when they are uploaded. is there a way to prevent rubberdoc from renaming the files?

  19. Hello,

    Thanks for this VERY useful and simple to use component.
    I have installed it with no trouble on a apache/PLESK web hosting account I have.
    I have also created a Rubberdoc joomfish translation plugin, that I will publish really soon.
    Now I’m trying to run Rubberdoc on a phpsuExec/Cpanel account.
    Everything works fine but when I’m clicking on the file to download it I get to a 404 page.
    I tracked it down and this is caused because in the


    the $filepath variable is set to


    So the filename is missing.
    Then I tracked that the TableDocs Object id, TableDocs Object category_id etc are empty. No values has been set to them, in contrast to my other host that these values has been set.
    This must be a matter of the server, right?
    Maybe it has to do with sessions, not sure.
    So any help will be really appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.


  20. Hi. I installed this nice component in my website. It was running ok. Today, I tested it and noticed 500 errors. When I click the component menu I can see a list of categories. When I click over a category I see the list of files. When I click over the file link I get 500 erros. Any ideas ? The only think I changed during my installation was the SEO settings. Before the installation I had only SEO friendly activated, after the installation I activated MOd_apache rewrite and Add sufix. Could this be the problem? I also tried to create a new category/files and uninstall/install the component and it didn’t work. What was funny is that after uninstall/install the list of categories were still there.

  21. This app is very nice and sleek. Is there any chance you’ll add a front-end upload form/lightbox/whatever for registered members to upload their own files without having to go through the back-end administration? That would make this great for an intranet community site. Thanks for this very useful tool!

  22. i had instaled yhis component in localhost and when i go to that component and click on any thing it is saying create a writable one in root of joomla and name it as rubber doc so how to create it i cant understand root what is it exactely is it possible to create in localhost i am waiting for your replay for long time which i send to your mail which u had given in joomla extension

  23. @Derek Buntin – Thank you!

    Make sure that the append .html is off. The default sef in Joomla doesn’t seem to work with the RubberDoc also, but the mod_rewrite works fine. We have been using it ourselves.

    @Klaus Iden – No I’m afraid, RubberDoc will only work with PHP 5.2.*

    @Nik C, @Juan – I know the issues with ie6 remains. To be honest we don’t even of IE 6 on any of our computers anymore. If you could fix the IE6 issues before us, please give us a copy of the code too.

    btw: for the file size upload try changing the Maximum Size in
    Global Configuration > System, Media Settings

    @qianjin – You probably have a limit file upload size 20M on your server and Joomla installation. Try changing the settings in

    Global Configuration > System, Media Settings
    and also change the upload_max_filesize in your php.ini file

    @Nemesis, @mark – I wish I could help but I really have to look into the joomla installation and RubberDoc before making any judgements. Would you be interested in hiring us to help you? Please feel free to contact us directly.

    @Spyros – Your’re most welcome, thank you! I really have to track that down in the code in the next development time. If you are interested to hire us to help you, please feel free to contact us.

    @herbert – add .html suffix won’t work with the RubberDoc. We would like to improve that next time that get to work on the RubberDoc

    @Steve – Yes we will be implementing front-end upload too. This has been the top feature request actually.

    @harsha – root of joomla is basically the same folder that all the joomla files are sitting in. Just create a folder there called rubberdoc and make sure that it is writable

  24. thanks Rastin,
    that will exclude us from using your extension as we are not going to upgrade anytime soon from IE6 (as shocking as this may sound, we are a HUGE corp, so things take time to trickle down….), and on the other hand cannot justify the development process for a couple of small sites.

    Very unfortunate, Thanks anyway!

  25. Dear developers,
    I’ve solved the problem. I don’t know why but the installation didn’t create the table on my database, so that’s why that error.

    I have Mysql 4, maybe you db creation script is optimized for Mysql 5?

    I’ve just exported the table from my localhost Mysql 5 server but using the Mysql 4 compatibility, then I’ve imported on my website database and it’s over.

    Thank you anyway, great job and I wish you good luck!

  26. @nik C – You could always hire us, RubberDoc was after all funded by our Clients. Fixing the IE6 issues would take perhaps only a few hours.

    @Nemesis – I’m glad that things worked out, please continue posting your feedbacks here for us.

  27. thanku for your immediate help this isgreatthing to have on my website thanks for this great advancement ,i have one doubt now all uploaded one are displayed in front page instead can i pin “testpapers” heading in mainmenu andupon clickingon it i should goto
    some page where all has to be displayed and please add uploading from front end thank you once again

  28. I’m having a difficult time finding instructions for a manual install and manual uninstall of RubberDoc. Can anyone point me to where this documentation might be?

    Every time I try to install RubberDoc, everything installs fine until the install process tries to move the manifest.xml file from /tmp to the /administrator/components/com_rubberdoc/

    I figured it was a simple permissions issue, so I double checked all the file and dir permissions and they are correct.

    So I figured I would just upload the manifest.xml file myself to the com_rubberdoc dir. The fun part is that the com_rubberdoc folder doesn’t exist. 🙂

    So after reading all over on the Joomla forums and not being able to figure out what I should do, I’m turning here.

    I’m thinking the next step would be a manual uninstall and to run a manual install so I can get this working. Is my thought direction correct on this? If not any help sure would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  29. Thanks for the great component. Other than nested categories, the only feature request/suggestion I have is the ability to specify the directory the files are stored in. My appologies if it’s already been mentioned…I only skimmed through all the comments.

  30. I get the following error when I attempt to upload the install package. # Error! Could not find an XML setup file in the package. Does anyone have any suggestions on a fix or maybe how to install manually.

  31. Hello,

    We are facing the same problem that Nik C and Juan had above. I can understand that you don’t support IE6, however, there are a statistically significant number of users who still use IE6.

    Perhaps this thread will help understand the issue. Note that none of our files have spaces in them. So it appears that the way Rubberdoc calls these files needs to be reworked.[email protected]@.3bc434a2/25 (post #36)

    Just my 2 cents! Hope you guys can work this out and make your great product awesome 🙂

    – V

  32. I am not seeing the number of files in a category displayed beside the category in my menu and I am also not seeing the Display# option once I open up a category.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get these two issues resolved.


  33. Installed it as we speak and looks great! Thanks for the good work.

    Question I have is, what are the other zip files used for? and


  34. Hi congratulations on creating such a wonderful component!

    I have a dilemma though: I would like to display the same pdf’s in different categories.

    For example though are loads of pdfs for Africa and within Africa various countries also have the same pdfs. Then some of those pdf’s may also relate to the Europe section and so on. It seems that the only way to have documents for multiple categories is to upload them multiple times. Since there are thousands of documents this isn’t really an option.

    I’m putting together an estimate for my client and need to know if this is possible or otherwise if you have time I’ll hire your services to get it done.

    One other worry though is that the pdf files once saved have a different name. If they need to be updated it would be hard to do?

    Anyway well done 🙂

  35. Can upload files>20M,However,download files only 200k.ReMOSitory havn’t this error in the download time.
    php.ini parameters:
    max_execution_time = 0
    max_input_time = 0
    post_max_size = 380M
    upload_max_filesize = 320M
    memory_limit = 400M

    Thank for your help!

  36. Hi There lads,

    Rubberdoc stil going great for me but since I upgraded my Joomla to 1.5.7, all my rubberdoc pages show the download and size stats. How can I turn this function off?


    Robbie Dunne

  37. First of all – thanks for releasing this component!

    Everything works fine except the fact the controls for the document ordering are greyed out so I can’t change the ordering of the documents. Any idea?

    Btw, did anyone volunteer to do a German translation yet? If not, I’d like to do it.

  38. Played a bit around with the component – seems that after clicking once on the ordering section of the table head enabled the ordering.

  39. I haven’t been in RubberDoc for a while so I’m not sure when this happened. Last time I used it I was then at Joomla! 1.5.3 and RubberDoc 0.9.5. Since then I have upgraded to Joomla! 1.5.7.

    When I tried to add some files today, the Multiple Uploads page no longer seems to work. In Safari on Mac when the page starts to load there is a Choose Files button, a text input which say “No file Selected followed by rectangular Start Upload button. As the page continues to load, a rectangular Browse Files button is added and then a rectangular Clear Completed button. At this point, the three rectangular buttons move to the right covering up the Choose File button and the text input. None of the rectangular buttons seem to do anything. If I click on the Choose File button before the page completes, I get an open dialog. When I select a file, the page goes to the three rectangular buttons and no file is listed.

    Firefox on Mac behaves in a similar fashion except when the page starts to load there is an empty text input box and a rounded button that says Browse. The rectangular buttons are added and the behavior from this point is the same as Safari.

    At this point the page looks like your screen shot, but none of the buttons work.

    I tried upgrading to RubberDoc 0.9.6 and this didn’t change anything.

    Any ideas?



  40. Hello.

    I installed the component and it is very good! Congratulations!

    I have just one problem with raw.html. Always uploads appear [URL]/raw.html. If I delete “raw.html”, the upload function OK else, appear error 500. Why?


  41. Is there any chance of adding an icon (pertaining to the document type displayed), particular within the Document Category List Layout pages, but also elsewhere where documents are displayed?

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