RubberDoc version 0.9.6 Keeps your Docs in Order!

Aug 25th Update: we have just resolved 2 bugs regarding the doc reordering in the Administration back-end. We aren’t going to release a new version for only 2 bug fixes, so if you have downloaded the version 0.9.6 prior to this date, please download and install the extension again, or simply update the source code files for the administration back-end.

RubberDoc Version 0.9.6 has just been released!

Now RubberDoc can not only keep your Docs in a row, it can keep them in Order too! We have implemented ordering for the categories and category pages. You can even assign ordering from the edit RubberDoc Plugin.

This was a one day update, based on some requests from our Client SPARC BC and some of the recommendations that all of you have provided.

We apologize for not being as responsive lately in answering your comments posted here. We’ve head an early Fall client rush and we have to deliver all of those contracts that we sign. If you have any immediate enquiries that requires enhancements to the RubberDoc, you can always hire us. In the mean time we do our best to respond to your questions here on our blog.

This project has been first inspired by our client Social Planning & Research Council of British Columbia (SPARC BC) you can see RubberDoc being used to manage more than 140 documents on their website. We have just launched their Joomla powered website few days ago.


+ Document ordering has been implemented
+ Download Link ordering within the articles has been implemented

Please Feel free to improve the code

The source code is released under the GPL license, so feel free to read through it and improve it if you liked and in that case please give us a copy too. You will get credit for your contribution on the “About” section of the component.


RubberDoc is a collaborative project done by:

If you find this extension useful, we would really appreciate it if you leave positive ratings and reviews here on this page

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124 thoughts on “RubberDoc version 0.9.6 Keeps your Docs in Order!”

  1. Hi,

    Your extension is simple and great.
    But I have a problem : the file size ! I’ve changed the max_upload_filesize and post_maxsize in phph.ini to allow greater files uploading but now the problem is that I get 500 error when trying to download files (it seems for files greater than 1M) ?
    Does anybody know why ?


  2. Great extension. It would be really nice if when inserting links into articles rather than having to remember the name of document and then inserting {docs}doc-one, doc-two, doc-alias-goes-here{/docs} etc. You could just type some text and then hyper link the text to a document from within RubberDoc.

  3. I also get the 500 “page not found” errors with SEF enabled. Disabling the suffix does in fact fix the problem, but then every external link to the website will no longer function, since this is a global option. That’s just not a realistic solution, at least for me.

    So, here’s a kludge for those in the same dilemma. Add the following line to components/com_rubberdoc/views/category/view.html.php on line 86 (right after the JRoute call that creates the file $link):

    $link = preg_replace( ‘/.html$/’, ”, $link );

    That will strip .html off the file URLs rendered in the category document list. Hopefully, a permanent solution will be applied in a future release.

    Other than this, and the absence of a front end upload interface, a fantastic component!

  4. Greetings. You’ve got an attractively simple looking interface here, but I can’t seem to get multiple files uploaded. I’m running Joomla 1.5.8 on top of PHP 5.1.6 (standard rockettheme launcher).

    I have created a category, but when I go to upload files, there is no apparent response from both the browse and start upload buttons. Have you experienced any issues with the 1.0.x legacy plugin? I know it’s not supposed to cause problems, just going for full disclosure here.

  5. I keep getting the 500 “View Not Found” error using Document Category Link item. I have SEF turned ON, Mod_Rewrite turned ON and URL suffix turned OFF. This only works if I turn SEF OFF. I want to keep SEF ON, and use this component. Is this possible?

    What am I doing wrong?

  6. This component is great! I was able to upload midi and mp3 files and use them on my site. I am having trouble uploading a doc file that is 18mb. I have tried to upload it in FF and IE, both just seem to timeout and go back to the main Joomla control panel. The file never gets appended to the rubberdoc file. I was able to upload it using the mulitiple file upload. My question is, how to you then connect the file uploaded (with muiltiple upload) to a document in rubberdoc? I don’t see any way to connect it or access the file I uploaded. Thanks for your help!

  7. I know I can change the order of the docs within the Links Parameters drop down list, but why can’t I change the order within the Document Manager list. The arrows are grayed out and I cannot change the order number in the text field. The Category Manager lets me change the order by typing in the numbers or using the green arrows.

    Please let me know what I’m doing wrong. Thanks

  8. Hi,
    I installed your last version of Rubberdoc, but I cannot use the Multifile Upload and I don’t understand why. Can you give me a suggestion please? When I go on Multifile Upload, the button “browse” doesn’t work…

    Thank you!

    Laura L.

  9. Hi, I’m pretty happy with RubberDoc, except for one issue. It seems it’s not possible to download files that are larger than the PHP memory_limit setting. Tracing the code, when a user downloads a file, you’re serving the user view.raw.php, which pulls data from the original file via JFile::read($filePath), which uses fread() on the original file. If the file is larger than memory_limit, you get a PHP error:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of [memory_limit] bytes exhausted (tried to allocate [filesize] bytes) in /libraries/joomla/filesystem/file.php on line 250

    Can you suggest a workaround for this situation? Thanks.

  10. Hi, it’s me again. Regarding my earlier question, it looks like it’s a fairly simple fix, although I don’t know what side effects it would have. Maybe you could comment on that? Anyway, my solution was the following:

    //———– FIND:
    $fileContent = JFile::read( $filePath );
    $fileSize = strlen($fileContent);
    //———– REPLACE WITH:
    $fileSize = @ filesize($filePath);

    //———– FIND:
    echo $fileContent;
    //———– REPLACE WITH:
    if (false === $fh = fopen($filePath, ‘rb’)) {
    JError::raiseWarning(21, ‘JFile::read: ‘.JText::_(‘Unable to open file’) . “: ‘$filename'”);
    return false;
    while (!feof($fh)) {
    $buf = fread($fh, 8192);
    echo $buf;

    At first I didn’t notice the $fileSize variable, and only replaced $fileContent, and I kept getting empty files. I realize now that’s because the header was setting the filesize to 0:

    header(‘Content-Length: ‘. $fileSize);

    When I set the $fileSize correctly, it worked as expected. It looks like JFile::read(), which you call, attempts to read the entire file in one fread() statement, which seems dangerous to me. I don’t know why they don’t read it in chunks, or at least provide a parameter to specify a buffer size.

  11. Hello again. I don’t mean to spam… but I have a problem that I’ve been trying to solve for a few hours now but with no luck. The Multiple Upload seems to fail for files larger than 25M. When I start the upload, I only see the green progress bar flash for a second, then a full yellow bar with the message:

    “Upload failed (Read/Write Error)”

    My settings are:

    Joomla -> Global Configuration -> System -> Media -> Maximum Size = 90000000
    phpinfo() -> post_max_size = 90M

    I’ve checked my disk quota and I have plenty of space. Directory permissions aren’t the problem because I’ve uploaded smaller files just fine, it’s just the larger ones above 25M or so that are always failing. (I tested with a text file that I kept padding, and the cutoff seems to be right around 25M.) Not sure what to do… any ideas? Thanks.

  12. Hello

    I have same problem as andi and Dan, cannot reorder documents. I remove all files, no luck. Then i reinstall the component, same problem. I use Joomla 1.5.9 on Linux

    Also, the order i set in menu doesn’t seems to work. I try to use “Recently Created first” but recent documents show last in list

    Thank you

  13. @Dan,

    I have the same problem. Rubberdoc was working fine until I enabled full SEO URLs. Now it no longer works. For the time being I have disabled it.

    Little activity on here. I might try and dig into the code a bit myself if I get chance.

  14. Hi

    I have rubberdoc 0.9.3 installed, is the upgrade to 0.9.6 the same as in the readme file for an upgrade 0.9.4 to 0.9.6 (ie no changes in the database)

    Or do i uninstall and then reinstall ? (only have 1 document at present)

  15. For those like Laura who are having issues with the upload feature, it does not work in Firefox or Chrome, I’m assuming its the same issue as the Flash uploader is having in Joomla’s Media Manager and JCE’s Image upload settings. There’s some sort of adobe induced bug with FF and Chrome browsers in the last update.

    Until said bug is fixed just use the uploader through IE7. Its not entirely bug free there, but it works most of the time. Occasionally it won’t come up and will only give me the single file upload as a choice. As soon as I close the window, bring up a new one and log back into Joomla it works fine again.

  16. Has anyone else encountered a situation where Rubberdoc says files are uploaded successfully but the entry in the database shows zero bytes for the file and nothing comes up on the front end?

    I’ve encountered this with various PDF documents and CAD Drawing files thus far.

  17. I have this installed but when i go to multiple file upload and hit browse nothing happens no dialog or anything prompting to upload

  18. Ajamison: My friend, this is a know problem of Flash 10 Plugin, you need to unistall your Flash Plugin ver 10 and install older version like 9. It affect not only RubberDoc but all components that use joomla flash uploader.

    Now, I question for my developers friends, I have a lot of documents in my database, and need to upgrade to RuberDoc 0.9.6 ( I have 0.9.5 now ), Do I need to unistall current and reinstall new?, what is it going to happend with my document database, will be safe?

  19. 404 errors?

    This was working for me a few days ago… now I’m getting 404 errors on any attempts to download a document. Everything still looks good on the front end, it puts them up in categories, the files appear to be in the rubberdoc directory in Joomla… but nothing will download, always a file not found.

    the urls look like this:

    i don’t see anything too weird there. All the SEO options in Joomla are OFF by the way.

    Any suggestions?

  20. Hi … I figured out the problem. In Firefox (3.06) the file uploads appeared to complete. even though there was an error on the server end that kept the temporary file upload from being renamed and moved into the rubberdoc directory. I watched the rubberdoc directory and tried test uploads of files, and nothing appeared –although in the rubberdoc DATABASE, the file DID appear. Thats why in my pages of documents I was getting 404’s! the database link had no file that it pointed to because the upload had failed.

    The fix for ME at least was to change the global joomla settings of maximum file upload size from 0 (which should have been unlimited) to 50000000 (about 50m). Now uploads complete and I immediately see it show up with a random name in the rubberdoc directory and the file listings let me download it.

    Hard to track this down, but I hope it helps someone.

  21. Hello:

    I want to upload files to rubberdoc throught the frontpage, i mean, I want to allow special users to upload files without have to log into the administrator panel.

    Is there any way to do this?


    Best regards.

    Francisco Romero

  22. Just wanted to know if Steve solved or had any luck with the file size limit issues.



  23. Actually one nice feature would be to be able to wrap weblinks (to files) within rubberdoc.
    This would allow to still manage/use all the nice plug-ins, table and views for the documents that don’t work with rubberdoc (either too big or external files)

  24. Thanks for a really nicely designed component.

    I’m also experiencing the issue with multiple file uploader– when you click on the browse files button, nothing happens. I’ve tested this on Linux and Windows clients running Firefox 3 and IE7.

    Linux client, FF 3.07 Flash plugin v10, nothing happens when you click on the browse files button. Firebug shows:
    Window.prototype is undefined

    On IE7 (Windows), you get an “Unspecified error” on line 154, char 3 of administrator/index.php?option=com_rubberdoc&controller=upload
    and only a simplified “one file” uploader form is shown, and after uploading, the redirect goes to a blank page with “file uploaded successfully” as the message.

    FF 3.06 (Windows) works perfectly with Flash plugin 9.x, not with Flash plugin 10x.

    Server is running PHP 5.2.6, Joomla 1.5.9

    Is it possible to disable the Flash uploader and use standard Joomla uploader?


  25. I have installed the update, but ordering is still disabled in the backend for the documents. Why might this be?

  26. Same problem here with “Multiple File Upload” Browse button, that does nothing. I don’t know what does this have to do with Flash 10 but installing Flash 9 is not an option for me…

    Thanks for any help

  27. Has anyone solve the SEF problem. When I activate the SEO options in Joomla, the links that points to the documents don’t work.

  28. what would be nice (and no disrespect intended!) is if the developers of this could comment to let us know if they still intend to maybe further develop RubberDoc or if it was a one-off creation for a client that they were kind enough to give away to others, but they don’t plan any more work on it.

    For me it works, mostly OK, and I’d probably stick with it if I thought that maybe someday we’d see some fixes for the issues and suggestions here, but if its definately frozen as is… thats cool too, but let us know so we can think about what we want to use a bit better.

    Thanks for a cool componant though! seriously… i just was curious about the future.

  29. How can I sort the files by date on the administration back-end? I don’t know how to do this.


  30. A quick note for those of you having issues with the multi-file uploader. There is an issue between Joomla’s uploader and the Flash 10 plugin. Flash 9 works, Flash 10 doesn’t. This happens with other extensions which use Joomla’s uploader as well. You can supposedly downgrade to Flash 9 to fix the issue, although I haven’t tried that. My computers which already have 9 seem to work OK.


  31. Your RubberDoc Extension for Joomla is great, I love it. I have one question: In my test evironment everything runs perfectly but my new provider requires PHP5 code to use the extension .php5

    I installed rubberdoc, and then renamed the files to .php5
    So far so good but now it is no longer working. Everytime I try to manage Docs I get PAGE NOT FOUND 404. I assume your code is looking for a .php File.

    Is there an easy way to get rubberdac to work with .php5 extensions?

    I’m nearly finished with the new WebPage for my company and this is the last bit missing.


  32. Has anyone solved the problem with larger files not uploading properly. I increased the max files size in the joomla global configuration but it still doesn’t work.

  33. Does RubberDoc support WMV Video files and MP3 Audio files?

    I have tried to upload WMV file and does not upload to physical web server. It puts a record in component database table but the file size says ‘0’ and does not display in Category list…??

    Any help appreciated!

  34. We have been using rokdownloads and wanted to ask about rubberdoc, does it allow custom titles for each file in its system?

  35. Hi! First of all. I used your DMS application when the docman failed my expectation.

    I have a question. I’m using this in my client’s website. He’s using IE 6 and he said that he is encountering an error.

    He said “I also downloaded Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.1. That doesn’t seem to affect anything. The error code says it can’t find file (when I just try to open).” He tried to open the file instead of download it. The downloading works fine but when opening it, it failed -> just in IE 6. I tested it in Firefox and IE 7 .. it’s great!

    Please reply to my email. I will greatly appreciate for any answer regarding this issue.

    Thank you.

  36. This “File Cannot Be Found” error when trying to OPEN a PDF is also occuring IE 7 as well as IE 6.

    Hopefully this fact will get the balls working toward a solution. Again, downloading works fine, but the OPEN faults to the error.

    BTW running Adobe Reader 9.1 (the latest as of this writing).

    Please guys.

  37. I think the IIS does not like
    CREATE TABLE… ( …) ENGINE=MyISAM CHARACTER SET `utf8` COLLATE `utf8_general_ci`;

    I have tried
    CREATE TABLE… ( …);
    and I have got the table . To be found in com_rubberdoc_v_0.9.6/admin/install/install.mysql.utf8.sql

    But my files already show a length of 0 byte.

  38. This component was fantastic until I realized one big, hopefully resolvable, fault. When browsing my directory of documents on the front-end, I realized the filter combines the words if there are more than one. So, if I type “cut defense spending,” the filter changes it to “cutdefensespending,” and then I get no results. I would have to put an underscore (_) between each word which is a hassle, especially for guests on the site. Is there any solution?


  39. Hello,
    I have installed the rubberdoc 0.9.6 but when I upload document, I have the following message : ‘error saving document’.
    the rubberdoc folder has been created and write acces given.
    I see the file on the server.
    The link on document doesn’t work.
    Thanks for your help

  40. Hi Guys,

    A very simple fix for SEO/SEF link bug with “Add Suffix to URLs” turned on :
    in your_template_name/html/com_rubberdoc/category/default_item.php

    Line 89
    change echo $item->link;
    by echo ereg_replace(’raw.html’,’raw’,$item->link);

    Also, to fix big file upload pb in some cases :
    in components/com_rubberdoc/views/doc/view.raw.php
    and add before
    ini_set(“memory_limit”, “24M”);

    or more…

    Hope this helps…

  41. On your page there is screenshot of how rubberdoc options should look like:

    But after I installed rubberdoc there is single option only.

    Or maybe I’m looking in the wrong place?

  42. Oops… images are filtered out in previous post.
    When I go to Component -> Documents -> Parameters there is single option – rubberdoc directory, and no way to set appearance of listed docs 🙁

  43. Problem with .xls files
    IE 8, Rubberdoc 0.9.6., yoomla 1.5.12, PHP 5.2.9

    When I create documents and make them upload on site I see only word documents but .xls don´t. I found that both .doc and .xls files are on server. Also in category on my page is shown number of files that matches sum .doc+.xls. Under Document Manager I see that .xls files shows a size of 0 byte.

  44. The SEO/SEF Bug fix is on Line85 of this file

    change echo $item->link;
    by echo ereg_replace(‘raw.html’,’raw’,$item->link);

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